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6-weeks cross-divisional summer internship

Credit Suisse

Take part in Credit Suisse's summer internship programme. Each intern spends 2 weeks within each front-office department (Equity Research, Investment Banking, Private Banking).

Credit Suisse 6-Weeks Internship Program is an excellent opportunity to work on banking projects/deals together with the senior bankers and select your future career path.

Internship description

  • Credit Suisse Departments participating in the rotation: Private Banking, Research, Equity Sales&Trading, Fixed Income Sales and/or Investment Banking (will be confirmed in April/May 2016)
  • Duration: 6 weeks, starting in July
  • Target: students in their final year of university
  • Rotation: each intern spends 6 weeks in total in 2 Front office departments, 3 weeks in each


  • Fluent English and Russian languages
  • Strong academic records
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Graduate year of the university
  • Proactive approach
  • Ability to work in multi-tasking environment

A succesfull candidate is a student in 5th or last year of university.

We offer

  • Students work full time (40 hours per week) and are employed by CS Moscow on fixed-term contracts
  • Individual rotation program for each intern to enable proper distribution & value across CS Moscow

Please be advised that due to the recent changes in our internal processes, we require you to apply for this position directly via our Career Site.

To do it, please use the link. Requisition number is 063849.


Selection process is over. Use this information to prepare for the next selection. Subscribe to our calendar or mailing list not to miss the start of the programme.

Quick facts

The selection starts on:   Add to calendar Google calendar
Deadline for applications:   Add to calendar Google calendar
Work starts on: , programme duration is 2 months
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Credit Suisse



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