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Opportunities for students and graduates

We offer intellectual challenges, high rewards and global development potential for individuals who share an enthusiasm for business-critical innovation. It’s not easy choosing the right career — or the right place to start that career — but if you spend a little time exploring, the decision gets easier. Many who join Credit Suisse do so because of our culture. Credit Suisse appeals especially to intelligent and outgoing personalities who want to work in an atmosphere of co-operation and respect. It’s a different perspective on how a global bank should go about its business, but it works for us. It could work for you, too.

We need people who are:

Enthusiastic team players
Numerate and analytical
Confident communicators
Creative problem solvers
Honest and straightforward
Intellectually curious
Ambitious and motivated

These are broadly the kind of qualities we look for in all new colleagues, but it’s not possible to draw up a blueprint for the perfect candidate. We need individuals who bring something personal, special and unique to the business. It’s not just that different jobs call for different skills and aptitudes; the creativity, flair and agility that make Credit Suisse successful flow directly from the special mix of people who work here.

Current opportunities

Credit Suisse Moscow offers a 2-Year Internship Program. Interns work part time in the Moscow office and rotate within the bank support and front-office departments. More info…

Credit Suisse Moscow offers a 6-weeks cross-divisional summer internship. Interns work full time in the Moscow office and spend 2 weeks within each front-office department. More info…

CREDIT SUISSE MOSCOW 2-Year Internship Program

Jobs available

Investment Banking Department,
Fixed Income Coverage and Trading,
Equity Sales and Trading,
Equity Research,
Private Banking,
Financial Accounting,
Product Control,
Legal and Compliance,

Application procedure

More information —
Credit Suisse Moscow 2-Year Internship Program

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