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To apply for an Analyst, Associate, Quantitative or Placement position with Credit Suisse, you must apply online (and if there is any reason you can’t do this, please let us know). Deadlines and selection processes are explained in more detail on the website, but you need to identify your preferred division and area of interest at the outset.

We strongly recommend that you spend some time exploring our business and the opportunities at Credit Suisse. You can apply to work in a maximum of two regions, and up to two roles per region. Consider your options carefully so that you can make an informed application — and give yourself the best possible chance in the interview. We operate a rolling application process, so getting your application in early could mean a better chance of securing a role with us.

Take a closer look at www.credit-suisse.com/careers.

CREDIT SUISSE MOSCOW 2-Year Internship Program

Jobs available

Investment Banking Department,
Fixed Income Coverage and Trading,
Equity Sales and Trading,
Equity Research,
Private Banking,
Financial Accounting,
Product Control,
Legal and Compliance,

Application procedure

More information —
Credit Suisse Moscow 2-Year Internship Program

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