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What is it really like to work at Credit Suisse?

This is the most important question for you to ask. Here we set out to explain the culture, the atmosphere and the spirit of Credit Suisse. It may be a paradox, but it’s often the most abstract aspects of an organization that will clinch your decision to join. It’s the feeling of the place that gets you. This is why we are so keen on internships: we can give you a flavor of our business, but to understand it fully you have to experience it.

Current opportunities for students and graduates

Credit Suisse Moscow invites you to take part in 2 years cross divisional program, with first rotation in Fixed Income Trading And Sales Department. More info…

Credit Suisse Moscow offers a 2-Year Internship Program. Interns work part time in the Moscow office and rotate within the bank support and front-office departments. More info…

Credit Suisse Moscow offers a 6-weeks cross-divisional summer internship. Interns work full time in the Moscow office and spend 2 weeks within each front-office department. More info…

CREDIT SUISSE MOSCOW 2-Year Internship Program

Jobs available

Investment Banking Department,
Fixed Income Coverage and Trading,
Equity Sales and Trading,
Equity Research,
Private Banking,
Financial Accounting,
Product Control,
Legal and Compliance,

Application procedure

More information —
Credit Suisse Moscow 2-Year Internship Program

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